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Dear Photographer,

Starting in the early 1900s, photography became a pastime that grew quickly in popularity. Back then, people had very primitive equipment that required quite a hefty investment and a lot of time to take good pictures.

Over the years, photography has evolved into a million-dollar industry and something that nearly everyone participates in for different reasons. Most often, pictures are taken to capture memories and suspend them in time. If we didnt have pictures to remind us of times past, how would we be able to share our life moments?
Now that computers have become mainstream, it only naturally follows that cameras would go the way of technologically advanced as well. Digital photography has grown to obsessive proportions in the last few years. Its now considered outdated to have a camera that actually holds film.

There are some very good reasons for that. Digital cameras allow us to capture all the right images at the right times. We can delete the pictures that we dont like and re-take them as often as we want. We dont have to worry about wasting film when there is no film to be wasted.
Photography Isnt a Gamble Anymore!
What you need to know is that along with this new technology comes certain adaptations that have to be made when it comes to picture taking as we know it. The cameras are different now, but the subjects are the same.

Setting up great pictures takes a little know-how and it always has. But in the digital age, brings with it new considerations that have to be addressed when taking your pictures. Shutter speeds, flash settings, ISO, and shake stabilization are all things you should know about before you start taking digital pictures.

Thats why Im offering you this amazing new book: The Digital Photography Guru Ive had a digital camera for a few years now, and have often become frustrated when I was not taking the kinds of pictures I wanted, so I learned the secrets.

Packed inside this easy-to-read book are hundreds of tips and tricks for the amateur digital photographer that will take you to a new level when it comes to memory preservation.

Can there really be that much to learn about? You bet there is!

Consider the following:

Optimally positioning your subjects

Finding the 'just right' light

Avoiding blurry or fuzzy images

Using the flash component correctly

Capturing moving images

Keeping 'red eye' out of pictures

Preserving the 'perfect' moment

Photography has always entailed certain details that cant be avoided. Professionals have known about these things for years, but now in the digital age, even they have to learn the ins and outs of digital photography.
Learn Right Along With the Pros!
This book is perfect for the novice photographer as well as for the professional photographer.

It offers up practical advice on everything from taking portraits of friends and family to shooting the perfect sports photo. Youll learn how to shoot landscapes that will take away your breath and so much more!

We give you over 25 tips on how to set up the perfect portrait, 17 tricks for shooting beautiful landscapes, and 32 pieces of advice on making your pictures 'pop' with life. Nowhere else will you find so much information in just one place!

There are many places you can go to for advice on taking great pictures. You can ask family or friends, read several books, buy a bunch of magazines, or surf the Internet. Why would you want to waste your time when Ive got everything you need right here.

Its A Comprehensive How-To Guide!
Are you wondering just what we can offer you in this ebook?

Look at just a partial list of whats inside the pages of The Digital Photography Guru:

Finding the right digital camera for you

Suggestions & tips for your experience level

Staying away from scams and shoddy products

The rules of composition in photographs

Saving your pictures in the right file format

Using imaging software to make your photos perfect

And LOTS more!

In the digital age, pictures are no longer a question of whether or not we can get the right shot. Almost all digital cameras today come with LCD screens that allow you to view the pictures and delete them if they arent what you wanted. No film to waste, just retake the shot.

Plus, if your pictures come out with excessive background images and distortions, you can use the camera's software on your computer to correct anything thats wrong.

An older friend of my mother has finally come into the digital age of photography. Being a baby boomer, she resisted cell phones, then computers, and then digital cameras. But now that shes exposed herself to these new tools, shes ever so glad she did.

Whats even better is that you can take your pictures and have a little fun with them. Pose your family in an old-fashioned pose then make the picture itself look like its antique! Add some fun borders or some text to your photos so you can always know when and where the pictures were taken.
The Possibilities are Endless!
All it takes is a little creativity and some time to create memorable pictures that will last through the ages. You can print them out right from your home computer and put them in frames within minutes of shooting.

Choosing the right printer is important too.

Inside The Digital Photography Guru well tell you:

How to find a great quality photo printer

Choosing the right photo paper

Where to find inks that wont fade with time

Changing your printers settings for great prints

And lots, lots more great tips...

Making digital photography easy for YOU is what I set out to do. And I have done it! The Digital Photography Guru will make you more knowledgeable than you ever dreamed you could be when it comes to shooting pictures with your digital camera. When you start out with the best information, youre always happier with the end results.

And thats what Im offering you today the best information. All of the tips in this book are taken from professionals in the field and put together in an easy-to-read format that anyone can understand.

The Digital Photography Guru will be yours to refer back to time and time again. When you have this easy reference guide, you can open it up while youre editing your photos and put the information we give you to use right away.

The best part of all is that Im offering you this ebook for far less than you'd expect to pay. You could pay three times as much for books on the subject to get you to the level we can get you to. You could spend countless hours surfing on the Internet and find just a small portion of the valuable digital photography information Im giving you.
Your Dreams Don't HAVE To Cost A Fortune!
Youll become the photographer you hoped you could be and not have to worry about spending a lot of money on the information you need. Thats because Im offering you a guarantee. Thats right a complete 100 percent money back guarantee if this book isnt what I say it is.

You CAN take great pictures, but you need the know-how first. Read this book, and youll have everything you need to get started.

Imagine being a full-time photographer with your own business.

Having a digital camera gives your customers the ability to be able to see their pictures within minutes of your taking them. They love this, so knowing as much as you can about digital cameras and digital photography will become an amazing benefit for you when you order "The Digital Photography Guru"!

Wait! What if I could "sweeten the pot" with a nice unexpected bonus for you today?
What I'm saying is - how would you like to *also* have resell rights to the "The Digital Photography Guru" course?

You'll be able to sell "The Digital Photography Guru" to your customers and keep 100 of the profits. Your resell rights come with a complete website salesletter and professional graphics for you to promote the "The Digital Photography Guru" course with.

You'll have your own product that you can sell to YOUR customers and keep all the profits! There is no additional charge for the resell rights. It's included in your one time payment

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